Educating the Church about the danger of Islam and teaching ways to win Muslims for Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the Church about the danger of Islam and teach ways to win Muslims for Jesus Christ.

The Church in Pakistan is growing despite ongoing persecution of Christians. Those who choose to leave Islam and become Christ followers are often rejected by their families and communities. Believers often lose their jobs and are openly persecuted, even to the point of death.

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Our Story

My name is Mujahid el Masih and until 1997, Pakistan was my home where 98 percent of the people are Muslims. While growing up, I studied the Koran and Islam for 14 years in Pakistani schools. I also received military training in Pakistan.

From Islamic teachers and the military I was taught to hate Israel, Christians and all non-Muslims, and I was very passionate to become a martyr for my country and the religion I was taught. But an amazing thing happened in my journey…

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News and Updates

Your Support Is Making A Difference

Feb 13

Your Support Is Making A...

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2011 Annual Mission Report

Feb 28

2011 Annual Mission Repo...

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Two Simple Wheels

Jan 04

Two Simple Wheels

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