Free A Christian Family

Many of you have contacted me over the last week to ask for details about “freeing a family from slavery” in Pakistan. Please allow me to give you an explanation:

As I have told you before, Christians in Pakistan are forced to live in ghettos, isolated from the Muslim community, and only allowed to work in the lowest paying jobs. Whether they experience physical persecution or not, all Christians in Pakistan experience financial persecution. When the economy is in decline, Christians are the first to be without work.

One of the primary industries throughout Pakistan—one that seems to be almost recession-proof—is brick manufacturing. Wood is scarce and needed for cooking, so everything is built of bricks. Over the last few decades, Muslim brick factory owners have created an evil system of indentured servitude for out-of-work Christians. “We will give you work when no one else can, and even provide you housing, until you are able to get back on your feet.” The housing (in a nearly uninhabitable one-room hovels) is free, but the electricity bill for a single bare light bulb is $20 per month.

A family of four, working 12 hours per day, can make 1000 bricks per week. They are paid $10 for every 1000 bricks made, which means they earn $40 per month … which means half of their income goes for electricity. Even if they go without power, their income is not enough to support them. These families are left with no choice but to borrow on account from the factory owner in order to buy food or pay for other necessities.

It becomes a vicious cycle from which they cannot escape, because the law supports this system. Until they pay off their debt, which is nearly impossible, they remain in “financial slavery.” And to make matters worse, their Muslim owners often beat them and rape the wives and daughters, with no protection provided by the law.

Please watch this video clip for a clearer explanation of the troubles Pakistani Christians endure.

For between $1200 to $1500 dollars, an entire family can have their debt absolved and be set free. In order to keep these families out of indentured servitude, FCI has purchased land on which we would like to build an apartment complex.

The cost for construction is $1500 per single-family unit. These would be available on a rotating basis until a family gets back on its feet. And for an additional $500, a family can purchase a bicycle, on which they may build a rack to transport fruits, vegetables or other items to sell. This “financial stake” would allow them to earn a modest living and a save a little money to protect them from future economic crisis.

Allow me to summarize:

  • For $1200-$1500 you can purchase a Pakistani Christian family out of indentured servitude, persecution and abuse.
  • For $1500 you can build an apartment that many such families may use over the years during their period of transition.
  • And for $500 you can set a transitioning family up in business.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this important ministry.

Please make your donation check payable to:

Faith Covenant International
P.O.Box 2570
Parker, CO 80134


  1. Jody McRoberts

    AWESOME!! Lord, bless the brick workers in Pakistan. For those that know you, may they be strong in their faith, in spite of difficulties. For those that don’t know you, may they repent of their sins and trust you as Lord and Savior. Bless the work of FCI as they minister to and serve these people. Work through this ministry that many people may be freed from a lifetime of bondage to the brick yards. Thank you, Lord, that you hear our prayers and answer them.

    BLESSINGS to all of you!!

    Jody :>}

  2. My heart breaks for those who are in bondage because of their Christian faith. I pray that more will be burdened to help these brothers and sisters who are barely living in persecuted nations as Pakistan.

  3. Pastor M. is such a voice in India and Pakistan. He works on my heart to love my enemies, those that satan has deceived with lies from the pit.
    It is my prayer that through his ministry and the ministry of those like minded servants of the Lord, many may be saved from both slavery and eternal damnation.

  4. Abba Father King Of The Universe I praise you and give you Glory. Thank You for the faithfulness of my brothers and sisters in Christ in Pakistan. May they continue to be Bold and Courage’s and share their faith. Protect Them. Father God please lift up many believers to help free Christians in Pakistan. Father God give us the burden a desire to help. Father God touch everyone that reads this news letter to seek Your will and show each of us what our part is in helping free our brothers ans sisters n Pakistan. In Jesus Name Amen

  5. What about starting your own brick-making enterprise so the poor Christians can work for Christians, earn a fair wage, and be protected from rape and murder?
    Lord Jesus, bring justice to your people in Pakistan, make them the head and not the tail. May their enemies who come against them one way, flee before them seven ways (Deut. 28)

  6. Is it possible to organize an small mission trip to Pakistan?

  7. When I speak to other christians about the circumstances in which christians in other countries live and offer to direct them to websites such as this one, my heart is heavy when these American christians show no interest in learning beyond what I communicate. In fact, the church pew sitters and many christians — and pastors—seem to disbelieve that such persecution “over there” continues today. Howd blessed I am to know of the strength of the
    persecuted christians who endure such horrific treatment, but they know a crown of righteousness awaits them. My goal is to inform as many people as I can about the persecuted christians. Having met Pastor Masih and three other persecuted disciples of Jesus Christ encourages me in my walk with the Lord and to be bolder in my witness for Jesus Christ.

  8. Bro. Nick Nicholas

    I absolutely concur with the comments made by Sister Faye Boyd – the lack of concern by nearly all of those that name Jesus Christ as their saviour. My understanding is that it displays a great lack of knowledge of what GOD says in His Holy Word. Oh that all those that are real CHRISTians will pray for all of GOD’s saints – our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ (Eph 6:14) – that He will bless all of us and keep us whole in spirit, soul and body until the return of our blessed Saviour (1 Thess 5:23)!!! for His Glory (Ps 115:1) My we all realize the absolute truth of the times in which we live!!! (Ps 12:6 & Hab 3:18) – Maranatha!!!

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