Sri Lanka Update

Dear Ministry Partners,

I bring you greetings from your brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. A beautiful tropical island off the southeastern point of India, and called Ceylon until 1972, Sri Lanka is roughly one-fourth the size of Colorado. It is much admired for its vast tea, coffee and cinnamon plantations, and miles of beaches, historic gem mines, spectacular rainforests and central mountains. With a population that is 64% Buddhist, 19% Hindu, 8% Catholic, 7% Muslim and 2% Protestant, Sri Lanka is a fertile mission field.

Our teaching team of three was warmly received everywhere we went and God richly blessed our ministry. We taught morning and afternoon seminars for pastors and church leaders on spiritual revival and spiritual warfare, the Sermon on the Mount, Christian marriage and church growth. There were several hundred in attendance at each location. In the evenings, we led public evangelistic crusades. Many came forward to be saved and prayed for. We prayed for healings and conversions, for broken marriages and lost children, for freedom from persecution, and, every now and then, we prayed to cast out demons.

We established relationships with key leaders that will lay the foundation for future work.

Because of its religious diversity, Sri Lanka is a place of endless ministry opportunity. Because of its religious tolerance, it is also a safe place, in an unsafe part of the world. The people are open and friendly; everyone believes in God—the question is, Which God? The country has no visa requirements and the cost of doing ministry is relatively inexpensive. We learned enough this year to be confident that God can use us even more powerfully next year, so we are already planning a return trip. The idea of setting up an annual church leaders conference, open to people from all over south central Asia, is a real possibility.

Let me share with you a few of my own personal highlights from the trip. First, I was able to fly my aging parents over from Pakistan to be with us. A “blessing beyond measure.” As I told you previously, we have not seen them in over 13 years. My two daughters agree that meeting and getting to know their grandparents was the highlight of their trip.

Second, I led an all-morning seminar for MBB’s (or Muslim background believers). I travel all around the U.S. every year teaching on Islam, but rarely get the opportunity to share the information with an entire room of people who have been set free from the lie themselves. What a joy it was to share with them how they might reach others with the truth.

Third, I preached one afternoon at a Pakistani refugee worship service, in a church composed entirely of people who share my own experience—forced to leave our country because their village had been looted and burned by an angry Muslim mob. I could barely blink away the tears as I looked out over this crowd of faces who were experiencing exactly what I had more than a decade before. It was a privilege to share with them the story of God’s deliverance in my life—taking me, like the OT patriarch Joseph from the pit to prison, then finally to the palace. My heart still aches for their plight.

Thank you for helping to make this trip possible. Thank you for your prayers and your financial support. You invested your time and resources in something that made a significant difference in the lives of a significant number of people.

Your brother in Christ … Mujahid el Masih


  1. Pastor Mujahid,
    My husband and I were DELIGHTED to have you at our house and church last weekend! I enjoyed so much sharing and fellowshipping with you so, so much! Maybe you can come back in about 6 months! We would LOVE to have you again! You really reached the young people on sunday night! Mikey’s life has been changed since you were here! God is changing that young boy! Ron went over there yesterday and Mikey said he felt like he had demons in him, so he called Ron over to exorcise the devil out, and the dad was there, the dad is the whole problem! Ron said, the dad was the nicest he had ever been to him ever! I saw Mikey at church today, and he was happy and content! Jesus hasd become real to him!There was an indian boy at our high school camp who got saved last year and his parents are muslim and asked for prayer for them. How this young man loves Jesus! His name is Bunbar Rashid. please pray for him. Again,thanks for coming all the way out here and ministering to us folks at Bethany, Your presence was wonderful and we all just kive you to pieces my brother! Love, Denise Vandermey

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