Sri Lanka Mission Report

Greetings in the powerful and matchless name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Redeemer, Healer, Provider and soon-coming King! It is with humble hearts filled with gratitude that we offer you this report on our recent trip the Sri Lanka. We thank God for each of you-for your prayers and for your financial support. Your partnership enabled us to share the gospel, help believers better understand Islam, and equip and train leaders in other nations.

Our team of seven left Houston, TX on November 22nd for Colombo, Sri Lanka. During the first leg of the journey, to Doha, Qatar, the quiet of the all-night flight was disrupted by a crying baby. The baby continued to cry for over an hour in such a way that we were concerned he was sick or in pain. My wife encouraged me to go and pray for the baby. I was a little hesitant, but I prayed with my wife, then I went forward to where the baby and parents were seated.

I asked the parents if I could pray for them. They said, “Yes, please pray for our baby.” I laid hands on the child and be­gan to pray. After about five minutes, the baby quieted down and did not cry for the remainder of the 16-hour flight. In the morning, I returned to the couple to ask if the baby was okay. They were so grateful; the mother had tears in her eyes. A woman from Kuwait was sitting next to them. She asked if I would pray for her also. Because we were about to land, I waited until we were off the plane and inside the terminal. After praying with her, I gave her a New Testament. With tears in her eyes, she gave me her telephone number and asked if we would call her or visit her in Kuwait.

Our team rejoiced that the Lord had already begun using us, even before we arrived at our ministry destination! It was a reminder-and I want to remind each of you-that the whole world is our mission field! Whether we go next door to our neighbor, take a taxi across town, work at a restaurant, take a plane ride, attend classes or go on a ship … our mission field is ever before us and always around us! Hallelujah!

We arrived in Colombo in the middle of the night and drove immediately to a campground about five hours away. That evening we began our conference for pastors and ministry leaders with more than 250 in attendance. The conference involved two days of training, educating and equipping. The people were greatly blessed. More than thirty pastors signed up to join our growing network of churches training lay-pastors to start evangelistic house fellowships. We gave them all the resources they will need to provide the necessary training, translated into their native languages.

While at the conference, we stayed in a nearby hotel. I wake up very early every morning for prayer with my wife. At this hotel, it wasn’t an alarm clock but mosquitoes that woke me up! I had so many bites, my body was protesting! After prayer, I got ready for the day, and upon opening my door, nearly fell over the owner of the hotel. He was a Buddhist. He told me that he heard our prayers as he passed by my door and that he felt compelled to sit down outside, and then he asked me if I would pray for him. I told him that I would pray for him that night. But, our evening meetings ran early into the morning, and he was already sleeping when I returned to the hotel.

The next day, I began praying early again. I left my room at about 7 am and found the owner once again seated right out­­side the door. He was waiting for me to emerge so that he could ask me to pray for HIM. Before I prayed, I shared with him God’s story of salvation, from Genesis to Revelation. I shared with him the WHOLE gospel-the bad news as well as the good news. I explained to him that nobody can be saved unless they come to the Lord Jesus Christ. I also told him about the Ten Commandments. Many people and religions believe that by doing good works, they can earn their way to heaven or paradise. Buddhists believe in karma.

After sharing the Ten Commandments, I asked him if he had broken any of them. He confessed that he had broken almost all of them. “So, when God calls you to judgment, you will receive hellfire. ” I then explained to him that there is a way to escape hellfire-through Jesus Christ alone. He also asked if I could pray for healing because of pain all over his body. While I was talking with him, two of his workers joined us. They heard the whole conversation. I explained to him that I could pray for healing, but his greatest need was to have the Healer himself-so that if he gets sick again, he himself can pray to the Healer and receive direct and total healing.

I gave all of them the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Praise Jesus! They joyfully prayed and received Him. I then prayed for them, especially for the owner and his sickness, and then left for our daily meeting. The next day, when I saw the owner, I asked him about the pain in his body. He told me that he had no more pain; that Jesus had healed him. All glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen?

After two days in the inland hill country, we returned to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Our team included four other pastors. On that Sunday morning, arrangements were made for the five of us to preach in five different churches. God moved and many were blessed.

The following day we began another two day pastoral leadership conference. Over 300 pastors and leaders were gathered. During this conference we taught them how to set up bible schools in their own churches, and how to effectively disciple and train their people to be evangelists and pastors. Again, more than 30 pastors signed up to begin training in their churches.

Many of the pastors were blessed, encouraged and challenged. Our team members were also blessed, encouraged and challenged through one another. I myself was blessed by the teaching and preaching of our team members. For most of the year, I travel around the U.S. teaching and preaching alone. What a blessing it was to listen and receive!

Two of our pastoral leaders from Pakistan joined us in Sri Lanka. They were blessed, educated, trained and returned to Pakistan empowered to minister in their communities. We had a marvelous time together. Although the food was often not compatible with my stomach-it was super spicy-we never stopped rejoicing in God’s goodness to us. Plus, we did not travel more than half way around the world to enjoy tasty food, but to serve the Lord. What an amazing privilege and honor to be His representatives! Hallelujah!

Too quickly our time in Sri Lanka was over and we returned home on December 1st. Two days later I left for three days of preaching and teaching in Montana. Though I was exhausted, I praise the Lord for His strength and grace. I preached at 4 meetings there on Sunday, then 2 meetings on Monday and another meeting on Tuesday, as well as at informal meetings with individuals. I returned home on Wednesday.

The following Saturday took me to Ohio, from which I returned home on Monday. My last travel for this year will be this weekend, on the 17th and 18th. Please pray for these meetings.

In closing, I want to again thank you for your prayers, your partnership and your financial support. I also want to share a great report from Pakistan. Recently, seven more families were freed from enslavement in the brick factories. That brings the total number of families we have freed this year to 17. The average size of each family is six, so more than 100 men, women and children have begun living free, with hope restored. Again, your partnership has made this possible.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I want to extend heartfelt prayers that you and your families are abundantly blessed, encouraged, strengthened and renewed as you rejoice in the greatest gift of all.

In His Service,

Pastor Masih


  1. Laura Clevidence

    Pastor Masih, I really enjoyed hearing you when you were here in Benson, Arizona. Your message really inspired me, and I pray daily for the love and zeal towards God that you expressed. I am attending Liberty online and hope to someday serve God in a Christian Counseling ministry. So glad to hear that things are going so well.

    Love in Christ, Laura Clevidence

  2. Pastor Mashih,
    I was honored to meet you today at the VOM Conference in Odon, IN. If you remember, I spoke with you during lunch and you spoke about an upcoming trip to Sri Lanka. I have been searching for an opportuniny.

    I have serve on several international trips — building projects, medical assistance, teaching women and children, as well as taking Bibles and speaking to the underground church in Viet Nam.

    I don’t know any details of your upcoming trip, but I have 2 weeks available from work, and if I can help serve on your trip, I would like to. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Prayerfully ~ Cheri Coomer
    Huntingburg, Indiana

  3. Pastor Masih, I was so blessed by you in Roxboro, North Carolina a few months back. I introduced myself to you as a local rep for The Voice of the Martyrs. How the churches in America need to hear your personal testimony and your joy in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost worldd so that members here in USA truly feeld bonded to those who are persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the ministry you have and I pray God’s blesseings on you and your family for for God’s protection as you travel.

  4. Rebekah Lansford

    Pastor Masih: I am extremely elated to hear the reports of your recent Sri Lanka and Dubai, UAE trip. I praise God for your boldness and obedience toward him. These reports remind me that if we are obedient to God, He will do great things through us. Your cd’s have helped me, and even my 7 year old son Gabriel, become more equipped in witnessing to my muslim friends (I have many). Please keep me updated as to any future visits to Tennessee. Blessings in the name of our mighty God.
    Rebekah Lansford

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