2013 Annual Mission Report

2013 Annual Mission Report of Faith Covenant International

As we begin the new year, I continue to be amazed by God’s gracious provision and love. It is with much joy, gratitude and humility that I share with you a few highlights from Faith Covenant International’s ministry during 2013. Let us praise Jehovah God together!

United States

I continue to travel throughout the United States, preaching and teaching in churches and home groups. I thank God for opening doors that I might share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As you know when the Lord called us to the United States, He led me to teach the truth about Islam. I have done so, again and again, always comparing the words of the Qur’an with the Words of the Holy Bible. Many people have expressed their gratitude for this teaching, and many have made first time decisions for Jesus Christ or rededicated themselves to Him in the process.

During 2013, the Lord began to impress upon me more and more that in addition to the teaching about Islam and the plight of the persecuted church, He wanted me to focus my teaching on prayer and fasting, revival and spiritual restoration, spiritual warfare and personal renewal. As He opened these doors, I have found so many hungry for more of Him. God is calling me to bring encouragement to His people, and to challenge them to seek Him more.

     Prayer Points:  

  • Open doors and invitations to share the Truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Open hearts to receive His message of Truth, Grace, Peace, Joy and Love.
  • Provision for travel and ministry expenses.
  • Prayer partners to lift up the needs of FCI and those we serve.


I just received the 2013 reports from our ministry partners in Pakistan. Praise the Lord!

  • 260,162 heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • 12,845 made a decision for Jesus Christ to be their savior.
  • 2397 were baptized.
  • 9011 experienced physical healing.
  • 36 families (averaging 6-7 members each) were freed from slavery in the brick factories. Their debts were paid. They were placed in safe homes. Jobs have been provided so that they may support themselves and their children are now able to go to school—uniform, school fees and supplies are paid for. These families can support themselves and are growing in the Lord.
  • 7 girls were freed from abusive/slave-like situations, and are now in safe places for healing and growing.
  • 38 students graduated from Faith Covenant Bible College—the highest number in any year so far!
  • Almost 300 new churches have been established throughout Pakistan.
  • Outreach is being continued to the Kalash people in the far northern part of Pakistan. (The Kalash are originally of Albanian descent). This is a particularly dangerous region because it is not only very mountainous, but the Taliban is active there. Also, the language is very different from the main language of Pakistan, which is Urdu.


Prayer Points: 

  • That those who made decisions for Jesus Christ will grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. Pastors in Pakistan have very limited means for supporting themselves, and the greatest need is for them to be able to minister fulltime, discipling and raising up disciple-makers. Pray for God’s provision for monthly support for them. $100 provides the support needed for a pastor and his family in rural Pakistan. $200-$300 provides the needed support for an urban pastor and his family.
  • Translators to help with outreach to the Kalash people.
  • Financial provision to free more families from the brick factories.
  • Financial provision to free more girls from abusive/slave-like situations.
  • Financial provision to help the newly freed brothers and sisters and help establish them in safe places.

 Sri Lanka

A recent report from Voice of the Martyrs to Mission Network News highlights the increasing violence against Christians in Sri Lanka. This report echoes what we have been hearing from our ministry partners there. Here is a link for more information on recent attacks:  http://www.mnnonline.org/news/buddhist-nationalists-terrorize-christians-sri-lanka/

Despite these attacks, the church is growing in Sri Lanka. Hallelujah! We were able to travel to Sri Lanka in the late fall. Once again, we conducted pastoral/ministerial leadership training seminars, as well as evangelistic outreaches in the evenings and preaching in Sunday services. Our brothers and sisters are growing in the Lord, and so grateful for the prayers of their family on the other side of the world!

     Prayer Points: 

  • Safety, protection and provision for our brothers and sisters.
  • Our hope is to return in 2014 with a team, training and encouraging our partners there.  
  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment for God’s timing, and also for provision for travel and outreach expenses.
  • Financial provision of monthly support for pastors.

United Arab Emirates

The Lord provided the opportunity to travel again to UAE in the late fall. Our brothers and sisters there are so appreciative when we come, and frequently ask us to come again. Our visits provide a special time of encouragement. Just as they are grateful for our encouragement to them, we find ourselves encouraged by their faith and their stand against persecution.

     Prayer points: 

  • Our hope is to return in the fall of 2014 for continued ministry to the church in UAE.
  • Pray for God’s provision of the financial resources needed for travel and ministry expenses, and for His timing for the trip.
  • Provision of financial resources for pastoral support, so that more pastors will be able to focus on ministry fulltime.


Faith Covenant International is supporting two pastors in India. Persecution against Christians is on the rise there. Our hope is to return to India in 2014, as the Lord provision.  Please pray for God’s provision and protection for our brothers and sisters in India, and for God’s timing and provision for a return trip to India.


As we traveled to UAE and Sri Lanka in the fall, we had a lengthy layover in England. We met with a pastor and his family there. There is a door opening for ministry there. We have tentatively scheduled a trip for July 17-28. The Lord is calling me to encourage believers there to fast and pray, and to take back their land for Jesus!  Please pray for God’s provision for the July trip, and that God would prepare hearts to receive His words of Truth and Grace.

South Africa

We hope to return to South Africa in 2014, as the Lord provides the timing and resources.  Please pray that God will bring about a powerful restoration for our ministry partner there. Pray for his continued maturing in the Lord.  And pray that we might have the wisdom and discernment to know when and if to go in 2014, and provision of the resources needed.

 We continue to be overwhelmed as God moves mountains all around us! We praise and thank Him first and always for Jesus Christ. And, we thank Him for the family of Christ, brothers and sisters who are partnering with us to advance the Kingdom of God into the communities of great need. Because of your faithfulness in prayer and financial support, the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to reach some of the least reached peoples of the world.


Learn more about Faith Covenant International at:

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Mailing address:  Faith Covenant International, AKA Jesus to the Nations

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May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you, may He fill you to overflowing with His joy and peace.

Tax-deductible donations to Faith Covenant International are gratefully received and used for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Donations may be mailed to the address above.

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