Our Story

My name is Mujahid el Masih and until 1997, Pakistan was my home where 98 percent of the people are Muslims. While growing up, I studied the Koran and Islam for 14 years in Pakistani schools. I also received military training in Pakistan.

From Islamic teachers and the military I was taught to hate Israel, Christians and all non-Muslims, and I was very passionate to become a martyr for my country and the religion I was taught. But an amazing thing happened in my journey…

My Eyes Were Opened

Despite my upbringing, I gave my life to Jesus when I was 25 years old. It was then that I came to know Jesus is the Way, the Life, and the Truth, and He set me free from all evil of this world.

I felt the call to preach His gospel and He opened doors for me to go to bible college, where I studied for three years. I began planting churches with the power of the Holy Spirit and by His power we succeeded in planting 24 churches in different areas of Pakistan.

However, on February 6, 1997, Pakistani police and thousands of Muslims attacked two of our villages and burned 13 of our church buildings, 1,500 Christian homes and thousands of Bibles. All this was done because of a false charge that Christians had torn a page from a Koran.

A Call To Visit  Africa

In mid-1997, I received an invitation to speak from a church in South Africa. I went with videotapes that were taken the day the Muslims burned our churches and homes.  I showed those videotapes in that church in South Africa and the pastor of the church made copies and sent them to pastors in other cities of South Africa.

Those pastors, so outraged by what they saw, got together and protested against the Pakistani government in front of the Pakistani Embassy. When the Pakistani Ambassador asked where they had received this information about the burned Christian villages, my name was given to him. After that I was unable to go back to my country.

As a result, Muslims in South Africa began to persecute me and many times they tried to kill my wife and me, but God intervened and delivered us. Even the South African government told us to leave the country and go back to Pakistan because they didn’t want to strain relations between the two countries. We went to the American embassy, but they told us that they could not give us a visa for the United States.

God Provides A Way

God impressed on my wife that she must fast for three days and three nights as Esther did for her nation in the Bible. She fasted for three days and three nights and then God told us to go to the American Embassy again. At the time we didn’t have a single cent in our pocket to pay visa fees or purchase plane tickets to the United States. We just believed that God was going to provide.

On the day we went to the American Embassy, we literally felt Jesus walking with us. This time, the American Embassy workers didn’t ask us any questions and they were not even able to look at our faces. There was such a presence of God! Jesus was standing with us! They told us to come back after three days and collect our passport.

When we came back, the church driver asked us, “Are you going to America? How are you going to pay the big fees for plane tickets to the United States?”  I replied to him, “We serve a big God, he is going to pay for our tickets.”

God impressed on me that “now this is your turn to fast.” I fasted for three days and did spiritual warfare. On Monday morning when we were praying, I was impressed by the Lord with the words Jesus spoke on the cross: “It is done.” The next day we went to the American Embassy and received our visas for the United States. God had provided our plane tickets.

There are so many great things that God has done for us!  When I come to visit you, I believe that our testimony is going to build the faith of Christians in your church.

God has put upon my heart to teach Americans the truth of Islam.  Not only would I love to come share about the faithfulness of God in my life, but to share from my studies of Islam and how we can love Muslims to Christ. I would love to come and speak in your church, bible college, or home group. Please contact me for more details.

May God bless you!
-Pastor Mujahid el Masih

Listen to Pastor el Masih’s Testimony

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Key Moments in Pastor el Masih’s Ministry

  • Dr. Mujahid has studied Islam and the Qur’an for many years in Pakistan.
  • Jesus Christ found Pastor Masih at the age of 25 and used him to start churches in Pakistan. Now there are over fifty churches, a Bible school, the Jesus Heals Medical Clinic, and a child-support program in Pakistan.
  • He has traveled to 42 states here in the USA, and has spoken in over 500 churches of all sizes.
  • Pastor Masih has also spoken at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs; Pastor John Piper’s church in Minneapolis, Minnesota; the national conference for The Voice of the Martyrs, and many regional conferences.
  • Pastor Masih has spoken on Christian television programs, Moody Radio, American Family, and other radio programs.
  • Pastor Masih has given many conferences and seminars on Islam throughout the country.
  • Pastor Masih has also spoken in public and Christian schools, community colleges, Christian colleges and universities like Christian University in Colorado, Biola, Masters College, NCU, and many others.

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