Prayer Update

Prayer Update – September 28, 2013

Brothers and Sisters, I greet you in the powerful Name that is above all other names, Jesus Christ!

My wife and I recently returned from a mission outreach in South Africa. I am in Florida ministering this weekend, but want to share with you about the South Africa trip, as well as sharing some other important updates.

South Africa

We left for South Africa on September 10th , with a long layover in London. We were met at the London airport by a pastor who is serving there. We had a refreshing breakfast and sweet time of prayer there with him and his family. The Lord game me an encouraging word to share with them. I also shared that God is leading me to reach Europe – since Islam has taken over in Europe. Just as I have shared so often across the United States, so many inside and outside of the church are sleeping. We must wake up – pray, fast, engage in spiritual warfare and preach the Gospel – to all people – not only to the immigrants coming in to the European nations, but to the indigenous peoples also.

After lunch with them, many others from their church came to see us and we were able to pray for almost everyone as they were all asking us to pray for them. As we spent time with these precious brothers and sisters, we realized again how important it is to be praying for our brothers and sisters in other nations, and to be willing to go, to pray, to encourage and to preach. After a time of fellowship, the pastor took us back to the airport to catch our flight to SA. We flew from London to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Johannesburg and finally to Durban.

Pastor John James was waiting for us in Durban. We went to his home, freshened up and had lunch. We prayed with the family, giving thanks that he had brought us there safely. We asked that His plans for this trip be fulfilled. The following day was the seminar. I taught on prayer, how to pray and spiritual warfare. It was very well received and people were asking if we had a video tape. We regretted not having the opportunity to video the sessions because they said they had never heard this kind of teaching before.

After the seminar was completed, we shifted our focus to the wedding. Remember that I shared with you about a pastor we met years ago while in Bible College, and how we learned that he had fallen into sin, leaving his wife and four daughters behind. When we were in South Africa last spring, the Lord gave me a word for him emphasizing that if he wanted the Lord to bless his ministry, he must reconcile with his wife. Though he did not receive that word from the Lord well at the time, the Lord began to work in his heart. He was reconciled to his wife and then contacted me asking if I would perform the ceremony for their re-marriage! Praise the Lord! What a wonderful celebration of family restoration, as many pastors and their wives, family and friends gathered for the special occasion. I preached about the prodigal son, how he was received by his father when he returned home – how instead of living the life of a servant, as he expected – he was given the robe, his father’s robe signifying his acceptance back into and right standing in the family. He was also given the signet ring, meaning that he was authorized to conduct business on his father’s behalf – and that he now had access to the storehouse. In our society today, that would be like receiving the family credit card and access to family accounts with local merchants. Finally, he received sandals for his feet – again very symbolic of his place as one of the sons in the household (the house servants did not wear sandals in the house). I also encouraged all the husbands attending to honor their wives.

It was a special day of celebration and thanksgiving to God for what He had done in restoring this family. Everyone was so appreciative of the message shared. And, people were very much in shock and awe that we traveled all that way especially for the wedding and to see this family restored. It is nothing but God’s kind of love. So many of them had heard and had witnessed Christians killing their wounded – but instead, Christians had come to pick up the wounded soldiers and helped them to be reconciled to God and restored to one another.

On Sunday morning I preached twice in Phoenix/Durban. Monday was a day of visiting, ministering to a family and Tuesday was spent with the wedding couple and their four daughters. We gave them an encouraging word, and everybody was so happy. I can tell you that when we went last year in 2012, the same house had such a sadness, poverty and seemed like death and depression were ruling in that house. But this time there was a joy, everything was clean and they were so glad and happy. It was totally transformed. Over and over they said, “Thank you, thank you so much. Because of Jesus, and your help, we are together again and we are celebrating. Thank you for all of your prayers, counseling and also financial help for the wedding and other needs.”

Tuesday night I preached in a church in Chatsworth. People were greatly blessed by the teaching about the power of the blood of Jesus. Wednesday morning we were invited to a pastors meeting. The Lord led me to preach there to these pastors on prayer, how to pray effectively for the lost and the current situations in their country, and praying for the people in governmental authority…also what it means to be a true disciple. That was our last meeting in South Africa. We invited two families to eat with us in Durban – the newly wedded family and Pastor John Jame’s family. We prayed and thanked God for all his blessings and the restoration of this dear family.

We returned home on Thursday, September 19th. It was a long journey and we were anxious to get home and to see our daughters. However, after a brief time with them, comforting and encouraging them to stand strong, we began the long drive from Denver to Sioux Falls, SD where I taught in a seminar on prayer. I drove as long as I could before we stopped in North Platte, NE for the night, then continued on the next morning.

That Sunday morning I preached in three services and one in the evening. During the third service, I began to feel a fever coming on. I had the chills and began shivering. Sunday evening was the beginning of my teaching on the importance of prayer, and that continued Monday and Tuesday evenings with more teachings on prayer and spiritual warfare. It was very well received. Jehovah God is so faithful! I was sick the whole time, but whenever I got up to teach, He would bring healing during that time – despite continued bouts with fever, diarrhea and vomiting – it would subside whenever I was in the church and speaking! My wife and I drove back home from Sioux Falls on Wednesday (almost 11 hours). Let me clarify, I drove back home! Please pray that my wife learns to drive!! We praise God that He helped us all along the way.

Pakistan Update

In the month of August we freed 12 families from the brick kilns (slavery). Praise the Lord for His provision through our ministry partners that made a way for these families to be freed from the very difficult living situations in the kilns. During that same month 96 people were baptized – 28 of them were Muslim background believers. Oh hallelujah! Praise the Lord! One woman who accepted Christ Jesus had leprosy, but when she was baptized, she was totally healed from the leprosy. Thank You Lord! God is working. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Many people have been delivered from demon possession, and all kinds of diseases.

You have probably heard the reports of an attack on a church in Pakistan last Sunday. Two suicide bombers went into a church and blew themselves up. Most of the media reports state that 86-90 people were killed. But the reports we are receiving from Christians in Pakistan is that the number is much higher – about 300 were killed. The number of people injured is also much higher than has been reported, numbering in the hundreds. It was so gruesome, that you can’t even imagine.

The amazing thing is that God is rising for the Christians and fighting on their behalf. It is surely no coincidence that a big earthquake happened shortly after that attack! Nearly 1000 Muslims were killed, many more injured and dozens of buildings were demolished. I believe that God is taking revenge on behalf of His people. And, that news is very comforting to the Christians, that their God has not forsaken them. Praise God. We are not praising Him that Muslims were killed, but we are praising Him that He is fighting for His people and we are not alone. When God is for us, who can stand against us? The people who committed these atrocities are threatening to do more. So please pray that the Muslims plans against the Christians will not succeed and that God will turn their plans into foolishness. (Psalm 33:10)

I heard a very sad story about one little girl whose parents both died in the suicide attack. It was so painful to know that she was left alone. Please pray for this little girl and all the families who lost loved ones, especially the children who lost parents in this attack. Please seek the Lord also. Might he lead you to donate support to help some of those who are in such desperate need there? We know that it would be a tremendous encouragement to our brothers and sisters, to know that not only does God remember them, but that brothers and sisters in America also are remembering them.

Sri Lanka

About two months ago, some Buddhist monks rose against our church in Colombo, as well as other churches there. For the last two to three Sundays our church has been locked up, and our people are holding services in a rented hall in a hotel. The Buddhist monks are not allowing them to go back to their church building. Pastor Anthony Simon, our main contact in Sri Lanka is working with an attorney to see that this situation is resolved. Please be watching your e-mail for a message we may send soon, asking that you sign a petition that would be presented to the Sri Lankan ambassador to the United States regarding this situation. The intent of the petition would be to put pressure on the government to stop the persecution of Christians in Sri Lanka.

Please pray for all our brothers and sisters around the world who are experiencing persecution because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether the persecution is at the hands of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or some other group, the result is suffering for Christians. Reports from the recent terrorist attack on a mall in Kenya tell us that the terrorists were letting the Muslim hostages go, but killing the Christians. Please pray for the Christians in Kenya and throughout Africa – particularly in the northern regions where persecution is the most intense. I also recently received some shocking news about what is going on Syria. Christians are not only being killed there, but also cannibalized! These atrocities are beyond what we can even imagine. We must pray for our Christian brothers and sisters. Please invite others to join you in prayer. Ask, challenge your churches to be intentional about praying for the persecuted church around the world.

Note: The first Sunday in November is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. You can get more information about this November 3rd event, and learn how your church can be involved by going to this link:

Ministry Needs

There are still travel and ministry expenses to be paid from the trip to South Africa. About $5000 is still needed.

Also, when we were in South Africa, we met a pastor and his wife who needed some financial help. They are building a house, and a church. We would like to provide $1000 to help with the house construction, and an additional $1000 for help with the church building. Also, the daughter of Pastor James, our ministry partner in South Africa, is in need of financial help for her college. We would like to provide $1500 to help with them. Please pray with us that God will provide the monies to meet these needs.

Contributions to help those impacted by the church attack in Pakistan are greatly appreciated. Monies can be donated to our ministry and will be distributed directly to those in need by our ministry partners on the ground in Pakistan.

November is coming quickly! The next ministry outreach is to Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates. In addition to travel expenses and in country expenses, monies are needed for facilitating the seminars and meetings, as well as blessing the pastors and host families.

Thank you so much for your continued partnership in prayer and financial support. We thank God for each of you, and pray that He greatly blesses you as you seek Him and go before Him on our behalf.

Donations may be mailed to:
Faith Covenant International
PO Box 2570
Parker, CO 80134

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Mujahid el Masih